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I would like to give a very warm welcome to the lovely Georgia Harding from Well Nourished.  Georgia is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience living in sunny Queensland with her two  lovely children and husband.

As a background, I stumbled across Georgia, via her Well Nourished Lunchbox Facebook group (which has amassed a huge following!) and swiftly purchased her Well Nourished Lunchbox e-book which has now become a firm favourite in our household.

Fun question to start with! What was the last book you read?

Con Iggulden Conqueror Series – a series of five books that basically tell the life story of Genghis Khan, they were brilliant. The most fascinating part for me is learning how the Mongols survived trekking the harshest climate consuming mostly milk (from their horses and goats), dried meat and root vegetables (while they lasted) and when desperate, they nicked an artery and drank the blood of their mares. Even the heaviest reads come back to food for me – ha ha!

What was your inspiration for starting Well Nourished?

Definitely my kids. I really wanted to help families to feed their kids well. The predictions for the long term health and wellbeing of this generation is pretty dire. Starting my website was my way of sharing my experience as a Naturopath and my passion for making whole foods utterly delicious to make a difference.

How have your own health problems shaped the way you eat?

I’ve always eaten pretty well, I was very lucky to be raised by a very health conscious mum. I’ve been seriously ill twice in my lifetime and I suppose this has actually forced me to look beyond food to heal. On both occasions stress, unresolved grief and pushing myself beyond reasonable limits contributed a lot to my health decline. Eating well comes very naturally, I love cooking – but managing my stress, putting myself first occasionally is a work in progress!

Has your philosophy on food changed since having children?

I suppose I’ve been forced to loosen up a bit. I found with my first child I was very strict around food which was okay when she was little but when she began school and socialising with other kids I had to back of a lot in order for her to develop a healthy relationship with food. Kids are human, it’s normal for them to want what others have so I feed my family very well when I’m in charge, but at parties and sleep overs, they make their own choices (with my guidance and ongoing food education of course). When they don’t make good choices, we talk about how they feel and now my daughter is 12 (and has gorged herself on junk plenty of times) she is now very aware of how food makes her feel and I’m so proud of how she is able to make very healthy choices these days. Paves the way for her being able to self regulate as an adult.

What top 3 tips would you give to families looking to transition to a more wholesome way of eating?

  1. Start slowly, choose one meal or food group and focus on that. Fill your pantry and fridge with mostly whole foods so there is less temptation to choose processed meals and snacks.
  2. Talk to your kids (and spouse) about the importance of making changes and how eating whole food helps their body and brain to be stronger, smarter etc;
  3. Get them involved, ask for their feedback and support. Encourage them to help you when shopping and cooking – kids who feel they have had some involvement in their meal are way more likely to eat it.  

What advice would you give to parents whose children have food intolerances/allergies but are going through a fussy eating stage?

All kids will go through a fussy stage at some point. It’s important to never give in to it and substitute a healthy whole food with nutritionally void food (because ‘something is better than nothing’). I understand that it is tough, but in my experience preventing food fussiness is easier than reversing it and if you give in once, your kids learn that they choose (where as you choose what and when, they choose how much). I have a whole library of information and strategies written on this topic which I’m hoping to release this year.

What’s your go-to family meal?

We eat such a varied diet – the upside of having a compulsively creative cook in charge!! If I’m feeling lazy though it will be some kind of simply cooked protein and a big salad.

What exciting things have you got lined up in 2017?

My website is in the process of being rebranded and rebuilt. I’m also developing an online library (of mostly podcasts) to help busy parents to raise food loving kids (and banish food fussiness). I’ve teamed up with a fabulous psychotherapist to share this fabulous info with loads of actionable strategies to really get kids eating and loving whole foods like my own do. Also a small pictorial cookbook of easy, whole food recipes that even little kids can cook from. Busy year!!

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Please note as an affiliate of Well Nourished I will receive a small commission from the sale of each e-book that is made via my website.  This helps to cover some of the running costs with maintaining my blog and also go towards some of Gracie’s medical expenses.  



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Cooking Time: 30 Minutes


  • 6 medium sized, very ripe bananas (2 cups approx.)*
  • 250g (1 cup) nut butter (any kind you like, such as peanut butter, almond butter, hazelnut butter etc;)
  • 60g (½ cup) cacao powder (you can use less if you prefer a less intense chocolate flavour)



Preheat your oven to 180℃ and line a small brownie tin with baking paper.


Mix all of the ingredients together in a powerful blender or food processor (Thermomix, 15sec, speed 5).


Pour into the lined tin and bake for 25-30 minutes or until firm to touch.


Allow to cool and slice into squares. These can be frozen for up to a month.


*The more ripe the bananas, the sweeter these will be. As there are no other sweeteners ripe bananas are a must.

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