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Sneaky Discounts

Who doesn’t love a sneaky discount?!  I know that I totally do!  I realised a couple of weeks ago that I have a heap of discount codes for things that we love using as a family, I do share these on Instagram but I wanted to put everything in one place as a reference point.

Some of these brands I’m an affiliate with, which just means that I get a % of commission from what you spend at no extra cost to you.

I only work with brands that I use, love and think that you will as well!

If you use my code, feel free to share and tag me over here!  Love to know what you buy and your thoughts!



If you like to see us in action with the products, you can here

Save 10% using code: ‘noosamum’



Beautiful eco-friendly disposable nappies – they’re 90% biodegradable and plant-based with 40% more absorbency than standard disposable nappies.  Their baby wipes are the best, 100% bamboo and biodegrade in home compost in 3 weeks!

Save $20 on your first order using my affiliate code: ECOGZSV7QFWX






We’ve got two of these fab hoses now, they’re great quality and even the kids love to use them!

Save 10% using my code:  NOOSAMUM10.  (if you sign-up to the newsletter you only get 5%)



My current regime here

Beautiful QLD handcrafted skincare range, naturopathic inspired and just down right gorgeous!

I’ve been using the Anti-Ageing Travel Essentials pack, along with the Ferulic + C Eye Repair (you can receive these two products worth $99) if you purchase the power pack instead.

Everyday I’ve been using the lime caviar body balm after I shower (check my Reels!) it smells incredible and feels so luxurious and then weekly I’ve been using the Heptapeptide-7 Recovery Masque which reminds me of chocolate!!

Use code: MEL10 to get 10% off 



I’ve been using their system for months now, it’s such an easy way to do your nails and it dries instantly which is a huge plus for busy mum’s like myself.

My Tutorial on how to use it here

If you’d like to try for yourself use code: NOOSAMUM for $30 / £20 OFF for all at-home kits or collections purchased


kynd perfume



Making the transition to 100% pure, non toxic perfume with Kynd.

Use code: MEL20 for 20% off 







The kids are huge Bio Dough fans, I think Noah plays with it nearly everyday!  It smells and feels amazing, highly recommend it!

See the kids in action

Use code: Noosa15 and save 15% off 



I love my insulated glass flask for taking out, I pop my herbal tea in and I’m set for the day!

Use code: NOOSAMUM and save 10% off


Hose Link



Animalia Art

We love our beautiful animal art work in our garden, we’ve currently got our three pieces dotted around our pandanus but will probably move around as we finalise the design of our garden!

Use code: NOOSA10 for 10% off


iglide Scooter

Noah loves his scooter, especially the wheels that light up!!

Save a whopping 15% off using my discount code: ‘noosamum’

iglide scooter



Lifespan Kids

Lifespan kids has a fantastic range of outdoor and indoor play toys, as well as cubby houses and ride ons.

Save 10% using my code: NOOSA10

Lifespan sandpit





Brands I also love and support:

Nourished Life

Goodness Me


Modi Bodi





Please note some of these links are affiliate links, this means I get a small percentage of commission when you purchase through my links.  This does not cost anything more to you and I only share things that I love.


Tips for moving with kids

Packing up and moving houses can made so much harder with young kids running around, making a mess and even unpacking boxes you’ve just packed. When moving with our little bubs there are a lot of things we don’t consider before beginning to pack. Some of us mums just don’t have enough time to care for our children AND move house at the same time – we’re great multitaskers but THAT is just too much.


So, I’ve put together a few tips on how to make the move swift, easy and as manageable as possible with kids:


1.         If you can’t find the time to both pack and manage the kids, you have two options; firstly you can get help from family and/or friends to look after the kids so that they’re not in the way and unpacking boxes as you’re trying to pack them. Your second option is hiring packing services like Hire A Packer who will swiftly pack your belongings while you keep the kids out of their way


2.        Building on the first tip, it is best to get the majority of the packing done whilst the kids are; asleep, at school, at day care or just away from the house in general (it’s a rarity, I know). This is because kids often have a hard time trying to understand why their toys are getting put away, or why their entire bedroom is disappearing. Getting their toys packed up quickly without the kids noticing is KEY to getting it done swiftly.


3.         Treat the move as a positive and fun adventure as a way to help children understand why you’re moving and that they don’t need to get upset about the situation.


4.        Get other mums opinions. Get on Facebook or any online mums’ groups and ask for their advice. A lot of people have been through this exact thing and many of them are always willing to help!


5.        Get them a house warming gift. If the little ones can associate a new toy or another positive feeling/memory with the new house, then they will be more open to the new house being a home.


6.        Say goodbye to the old house. Saying goodbye is a very touching moment but it also helps the young ones understand that it’s no longer their home and that the new place will be filled with just as many, if not more, amazing memories.


7.         RELAX!


This post was written in collaboration with professional home pack and unpack company – Hire A Packer & Influencer Agency – #AsSeenOn