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Spelt Bagels – London Style

Spelt Bagels, dairy-free and delicious

Spelt Bagels

Easy and fun to make with children, these delicious spelt bagels hit the spot.

Grace loves fresh baked bread (who doesn’t right?), the smell of bread baking in the oven that then fills the house is hard to resist. One of our favourites, apart from flat breads is the humble bagel.

We tweaked this recipe for spelt flour and they worked out brilliantly, even Grace helped knead the dough and make the holes for the final bagels.

You can adjust the crust toppings to your favourite choices, but the main ones include: sesame seeds, nigella seeds, onions or poppy seeds, we chose sesame seeds as Grace loves them.

The difference between a New York style and a London bagel is the ‘chew factor’. Personally we like our bagels a little chewier this is achieved by boiling the bagel for 2 mins on each side. For a less chewy bagel adjust the boiling to 1 min on each side before baking.

Happy baking…

Slightly modified recipe to cater for Gracie’s dietary requirements original courtesy of the Sophisticated Gourmet.



Buckwheat Crepes – Wonderfully Simple

Buckwheat crepes

These simple buckwheat crepes offer a wonderfully nutty flavour which goes great with sweet or savoury ingredients. Easy to prepare and quick to cook!

They can be paired really well with poached apples or pears, berry compote or just baked egg, the recipe can easily be scaled making it perfect for a large crowd.

Try adding beetroot juice to the batter to add a vivid colour for the kids.

Also referred to as galettes in Brittany, France, buckwheat crêpes have gained in popularity in large part because they’re a tasty, gluten-free alternative to a traditional crêpe.

What is buckwheat?

While most people think of buckwheat as a whole grain, it’s actually a seed that is high in both protein and fibre. It supports heart and heart health and can help prevent diabetes and digestive disorders.



Buckwheat Crepes, gluten, egg, nut and refined sugar free.


Live Love Nourish Interview

Casey-Lee is a qualified Nutritionist, Naturopath and mother to another little Gracie,  based in Brisbane, Australia.  I just love her outlook to food and we adore her delicious recipes.  All Casey-Lee’s recipes are Gluten, Dairy and refined sugar-free which makes them a fantastic resource for families who have food allergies and/or intolerances and are looking to transition to a more wholesome way of eating.

I recently caught up with Casey-Lee to find out more about herself and Live Love Nourish.

How has becoming a mother affected your outlook on food?

As a Nutritionist and Naturopath my outlook on food has always been of an understanding and respect for how much food can impact our health and the way we feel on a daily basis. Now as a mum I have an even greater respect (and real experience) for the influence food has on our children’s development, behaviour and ability to thrive. Becoming a mother has also made me become much more time-efficient in the kitchen with a great appreciation for making recipes that are not only kid-friendly but time-friendly too as well as embracing a messy kitchen!

What lead you to become a qualified nutritionist and naturopath?

Growing up I always had an interest in natural health and was lucky enough to be surrounded by a family interested in healthy living also. Becoming qualified meant I could share my passion for helping others to live a healthier and happier life.

Why are all your recipes Gluten, Dairy and refined-sugar free?

I really believe in the benefits of eating a whole-foods diet (avoiding processed and packaged food as much as possible). When you stick to fresh and whole food you naturally eliminate the processed sources of gluten, dairy and sugar and instead begin to cook with real food ingredients that love your body back. As I teach in my 8 week online program, I also believe in tuning in to your body to find a diet that best works for you and your body’s unique needs. For me that means cutting out gluten, dairy and refined sugar. My recipes are all 100% free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar catering for anyone looking to embrace a whole-foods way of eating as well as to support anyone with food sensitivities and special dietary requirements.

Can you tell us a bit about Live Love Nourish and the philosophy behind it?

Live Love Nourish is an online health website that specialises in sharing healthy, simple and real food recipes (all free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar) as well as practical nutrition and lifestyle advice and the Live Love Nourish signature 8 week program. I believe health requires a holistic approach and we feel our best when we live true to ourselves, have love for ourself and others and nourish our body. Hence, the philosophy behind LLN is to “live the real you, love truly and deeply and nourish from the inside out”.

What’s your favourite family meal?

This changes week-to- week! At the moment, I’m loving my healthy version of “fish and chips;” crispy skin salmon with homemade sweet potato chips seasoned with spices and served with an avocado dipping sauce. My toddler Gracie loves this too.

What advice would you give to families navigating special dietary requirements?

Navigating special dietary requirements can be a little challenging at first but here are some tips I hope help you along your way to better health:

Keep it simple. Use simple ingredients.

  • Stick to whole and real foods, as close to their natural state as possible
  • Avoid packaged food as much as possible (this is what can often complicate the process with having to read and interpret labels)
  • Stick for fresh food as much as you can
  • Try new recipes and ingredients you haven’t cooked with before
  • Get your kids involved in the kitchen. The more involvement they have with food, the better their relationship with food will become and the more willing they will be to trying new foods
  • Start with a well-stocked pantry and fridge. Having healthy options on hand makes meal time easier
  • Plan ahead. Plan your week of meals on the weekend prior. This will help to reduce food stress at meal times
  • Be kind on yourself. Allow a little extra time and space at first. Seek support where you can.

If you are looking for help with what to stock in a healthy, gluten, dairy and sugar free kitchen, the Live Love Nourish Pantry Detox e-book is currently on sale for AU$5. The e-book includes an extensive list of ingredients to stock, healthy swaps and alternatives and money-saving tips.

As a friend of Healing Gracie’s Gut receive a $50 discount off The Live Love Nourish 8 Week Online Program using the code NOURISH at the checkout. The program is an online guide to help you live a healthier and happier life and includes 8 weeks of meal plans all done for you, (all free from gluten, dairy and sugar) shoppings lists, nutritional guides and support to develop a healthy relationship with food.

For more simple and healthy recipes (free from gluten, dairy and refined sugar) please visit:

After hearing how much Gracie loved the Live Love Nourish ‘free from’ banana bread Casey-Lee is kindly sharing this amazing recipe.  The Live Love Nourish Banana Bread is free from gluten, dairy, nuts, soy, eggs  and sugar!




Roasted Root Vegetable Ratatouille with Nomato Sauce

We’ve been on Chef Steps again (one of my husbands favourite websites!)  after making the appletouille which was a huge hit I wanted to make something that was AIP compliant but also the whole family could enjoy.

As anyone on AIP knows you have to cut out all nightshades, which means no tomato sauce, so we’ve come up with our own version which is just as delicious.



Interview: Skye Abrahams of Packed

Packed Lunch

Founded by Mum of three boys Skye Abrahams, Packed is a Melbourne business supplying real food lunchboxes to children in pre-school to grade 3.

Launching in February, Packed only uses the best quality local produce and organic wherever possible.  A new menu is prepared each term based on seasonal ingredients and no additives, preservatives or refined sugar are ever used.

I caught up with Skye recently to find out more about herself and Packed.

How did the idea for Packed come about?

Packed has come about as a combination of a life-long passion for health and food, and noticing a gap in the market for truly healthy, sustainable lunchboxes. Packed will target Melbourne schools that either don’t have a tuckshop, or only have unhealthy options. I hear many parents complaining about the greasy corner milkbar without a single gluten free option and not a vegetable in sight. Parents deserve a day or two off the lunchbox treadmill, and the quality of their children’s lunches shouldn’t have to suffer in order to achieve this.

Will you be offering special dietary requirement options?

Yes! All our lunches are refined sugar free and free from additives including preservatives, colours and flavours. We also have plenty of gluten and dairy free options available.

Skye Abrahams

Skye Abrahams

What does “sustainability” mean to Packed and why should parents care?

I really didn’t want to create a take away option that put a further strain on the environment. We’re early days at Packed, so we’re currently operating using Greenmark compostable packaging, but the plan is to operate using a fleet of stainless steel lunchboxes that we collect and wash each day from school (watch this space!). Parents are more time poor than ever before, with many families having both parents working. It’s easy to see why readily packaged foods are so popular. I want to provide a convenient option that eliminates packaging entirely. Many schools are promoting “nude food”, so it’s great to be able to supply a lunch that is in line with this philosophy.

What’s your approach to feeding a growing family?

In a nutshell: Just eat real food. I have overcome some serious fussy eating in our family (think plain carbs only). I find consistently offering a broad, healthy, colourful spread of food and discussing the benefits of various food with the children has really helped broaden their palate. We also talk about the detrimental affects too much sugar and “fake food” full of numbers can have on our body. I notice behavioural side effects following high amounts of sugar and especially artificial colours, so I always use that as an opportunity to talk about how that food made them feel. I don’t like to demonise any food, so I try not to get too uptight about what the boys might eat at a party or a friend’s house, but educating them on the benefits of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and proteins and having these foods at the centre of their diet is my mandate.Guac

What’s your boys favourite lunch?

They all have different favourites! The older two love fresh fruit, especially berries. I craved raspberries during pregnancy and it’s easy to see where that came from! I caught one of them trading pocket money for the youngest’s left over egg and lettuce sandwich, so that is evidently a current fave! My youngest loves a hot meal, so in the cooler months I send leftovers in a thermos for him. I’m hoping to be out at schools with a pot of warm soup as part of our “Packed” lunch service in the winter months!

What’s the one food you couldn’t live without?

Another tricky one! I’m going to say avocado. How good are avocados?! Fortunately, all three of my boys like avocado, so that is a super easy lunch if I’m short on time. So full of vitamins and healthy fats to fill them up. I remember travelling overseas when my youngest had just started solids. Not wanting to rely on packet food, but not having access to a kitchen, bubs enjoyed many a mashed avo, mashed banana, natural yoghurt, or squashed peach!

To find out more about Packed click here




Israeli Falafels

Ottolenghi inspired falafels.

This recipe has been slightly modified to meet our special dietary requirements.

It’s egg and dairy free and can easily be made gluten-free as well.

Chickpeas and Sesame seeds are a good source of calcium.




Well Nourished – Georgia Harding Interview

Well Nourished

I would like to give a very warm welcome to the lovely Georgia Harding from Well Nourished.  Georgia is a Naturopath with over 20 years experience living in sunny Queensland with her two  lovely children and husband.

As a background, I stumbled across Georgia, via her Well Nourished Lunchbox Facebook group (which has amassed a huge following!) and swiftly purchased her Well Nourished Lunchbox e-book which has now become a firm favourite in our household.

Fun question to start with! What was the last book you read?

Con Iggulden Conqueror Series – a series of five books that basically tell the life story of Genghis Khan, they were brilliant. The most fascinating part for me is learning how the Mongols survived trekking the harshest climate consuming mostly milk (from their horses and goats), dried meat and root vegetables (while they lasted) and when desperate, they nicked an artery and drank the blood of their mares. Even the heaviest reads come back to food for me – ha ha!

What was your inspiration for starting Well Nourished?

Definitely my kids. I really wanted to help families to feed their kids well. The predictions for the long term health and wellbeing of this generation is pretty dire. Starting my website was my way of sharing my experience as a Naturopath and my passion for making whole foods utterly delicious to make a difference.

How have your own health problems shaped the way you eat?

I’ve always eaten pretty well, I was very lucky to be raised by a very health conscious mum. I’ve been seriously ill twice in my lifetime and I suppose this has actually forced me to look beyond food to heal. On both occasions stress, unresolved grief and pushing myself beyond reasonable limits contributed a lot to my health decline. Eating well comes very naturally, I love cooking – but managing my stress, putting myself first occasionally is a work in progress!

Has your philosophy on food changed since having children?

I suppose I’ve been forced to loosen up a bit. I found with my first child I was very strict around food which was okay when she was little but when she began school and socialising with other kids I had to back of a lot in order for her to develop a healthy relationship with food. Kids are human, it’s normal for them to want what others have so I feed my family very well when I’m in charge, but at parties and sleep overs, they make their own choices (with my guidance and ongoing food education of course). When they don’t make good choices, we talk about how they feel and now my daughter is 12 (and has gorged herself on junk plenty of times) she is now very aware of how food makes her feel and I’m so proud of how she is able to make very healthy choices these days. Paves the way for her being able to self regulate as an adult.

What top 3 tips would you give to families looking to transition to a more wholesome way of eating?

  1. Start slowly, choose one meal or food group and focus on that. Fill your pantry and fridge with mostly whole foods so there is less temptation to choose processed meals and snacks.
  2. Talk to your kids (and spouse) about the importance of making changes and how eating whole food helps their body and brain to be stronger, smarter etc;
  3. Get them involved, ask for their feedback and support. Encourage them to help you when shopping and cooking – kids who feel they have had some involvement in their meal are way more likely to eat it.  

What advice would you give to parents whose children have food intolerances/allergies but are going through a fussy eating stage?

All kids will go through a fussy stage at some point. It’s important to never give in to it and substitute a healthy whole food with nutritionally void food (because ‘something is better than nothing’). I understand that it is tough, but in my experience preventing food fussiness is easier than reversing it and if you give in once, your kids learn that they choose (where as you choose what and when, they choose how much). I have a whole library of information and strategies written on this topic which I’m hoping to release this year.

What’s your go-to family meal?

We eat such a varied diet – the upside of having a compulsively creative cook in charge!! If I’m feeling lazy though it will be some kind of simply cooked protein and a big salad.

What exciting things have you got lined up in 2017?

My website is in the process of being rebranded and rebuilt. I’m also developing an online library (of mostly podcasts) to help busy parents to raise food loving kids (and banish food fussiness). I’ve teamed up with a fabulous psychotherapist to share this fabulous info with loads of actionable strategies to really get kids eating and loving whole foods like my own do. Also a small pictorial cookbook of easy, whole food recipes that even little kids can cook from. Busy year!!

Take 10% off ‘The Well Nourished Lunchbox’ eBook until the end of February with the code ‘NEWYEAR’ at checkout (normally $24.95). 

Please note as an affiliate of Well Nourished I will receive a small commission from the sale of each e-book that is made via my website.  This helps to cover some of the running costs with maintaining my blog and also go towards some of Gracie’s medical expenses.  




Vegan Spelt Gyoza

Vegan Spelt Gyoza

Vegan Spelt Gyoza

My husband found this recipe the other day and has been dreaming of making and eating them ever since.  These came out absolutely amazing and we had so much fun making them!

This recipe was adapted from here.





Spelt Vegan Gyoza


Petit Kiddo Interview

Petit Kiddo

As a parent whose child suffers from eczema and sensitive skin, I’m always looking for products that fit the bill.  Although Gracie’s eczema has virtually cleared she is prone to terrible nappy rashes so I was very excited last year to stumble across Petit Kiddo.

Petit Kiddo is a natural alternative to baby wipes which has been created by two French born, Bondi friends, Canelle and Morgan who have six kids in total between them.

I thought it was only apt that I interviewed the two ladies to find out more about them and their fab product.

Fun question to start with! What book are you reading at the moment?

Canelle: I’ve just opened “Les Chaussures Italiennes” by Henning Mankell a thriller. But the more I read it, the more I realise that I’ve read this book already, probably 2 or 3 years ago. This is the first time I done this, I can’t remember any of it except that I’ve read it though! I like to read in French my mother tongue but used to read in English when I was living in France.

Morgan:  I am currently reading a trilogy written by Italian author Elena Ferrante. A book depicting wonderfully the life of 2 girls in the Napoli of the 1950’s till today.  I always read in French because for me, reading is a time for evasion and should not require any effort!

With six children between you, how do you try and achieve a balanced life?

Canelle: So we have 3 children each, I “only” take care of mine and their many friends and activities. We have absolutely no family around but we have lots of friends here for support but they all have kids and busy lives. We miss the mix of generations that we could have had if we were living where our families live, you know, the elderly, the youngest etc….We do it all.

Launching a business doesn’t make it easy. Let’s be honest, it’s a juggling act, pretty much unbalanced for me…it is getting better, my youngest is 4 and every week is getting a tiny bit more easier.

Morgan:  My first is 10 and youngest 6 so it got easier compared to when I was still in nappy days. It is all about being flexible in the working hours, evenings and days. I am also relying a lot on my husband. And the kids helps when need be to!

How did Petit Kiddo come about?

Canelle: I had this idea of doing a local version of this very specific French Baby Bum Cleanser Liniment when my first bub was born, 10 years ago. Then, 2 others babies were added to the fam bam, we moved around a bit, changed jobs etc….so it was on the back burner.

Canelle and Morgan

Canelle & Morgan at Bondi Markets

Then my youngest was growing older, I was still thinking about this idea and I didn’t enjoy the job I had. I talked about it with Morgan when we met for a holiday in southern France 3 years ago. Back then, she was living in Italy with her family.

I started it on my own, super interesting, overwhelming and challenging. After 6 months I realised I would do better with a partner. I wanted someone I knew well and someone who knew the product as well as I did. Morgan joined in, we worked on Skype for months and then she relocated to Sydney!

MorganWhen Canelle proposed to join in, I was excited to jump on board with an idea and a project I always believed in. I was also interested in the challenge of developing a business, and even more to develop a product that I believed will make the difference to carers and parents in Australia.

What is the difference between Petit Kiddo and using baby wipes?  

Canelle: Well, wipes will clean your baby’s bum. That’s it, then comes, the nappy cream, and sometimes even powder. Depending on the brand you are using, wipes can really irritate your baby’s skin because of their ingredients; some will also irritate it because they leave the skin too wet.

Our Baby Bum Cleanser Liniment will cleanse your baby’s bum very thoroughly, but will also moisturise it and protect it from the next wee/poo that will happen very shortly after. It is based on an ancient French recipe and specially formulated to balance the pH of the skin. It is a 3 in 1 product. The more you use it the better the skin is.

Morgan:  Firstly it is an all natural product that is really healthy for your baby skin. Most wipes irritate the skin and require in addition a moisturiser or baby barrier.

The beauty of Petit Kiddo baby bum cleanser is that it relies within the fact that you only need one product and a support ( cotton or washcloths). It does it all.  

Finally it is a product in line with today’s awareness towards the place we live in and need to respect: the earth and our environment. Using petit kiddo is helping reduce pollution unlike wipes.

What’s your favourite go to family meal?

Canelle: We have 2 at the moment: Tacos, I prepared a big batch of meat/veggies kind of chili pot and then freeze some for the following week. My kids love it as they can do it “themselves”. They add avocado, chopped fresh tomatoes, grated cheese, I love it as I can hide heaps of veggies in the dish. Dumplings: When we are brave and have time we make some – I found a great recipe on the Red Tent’s website – but we mainly get the frozen pack from Harris Farm 😉  My 10 year is starting to enjoy cooking, so she searches through cookbooks.

Morgan:  Having lived the past 4 years in Rome, pasta is definitely our favourite dish. Arguments go around the amatriciana or the carbonara …Otherwise homemade crepes and risotto of chicken and zucchinis.

If you’d like to find out more information about Petit Kiddo head to their website