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Micro Scooter Review

Micro Scooter Sprite

Hands up if your child is scooter crazy!!  From a young age Grace has always loved to go scootering anywhere and everywhere.

A couple of years ago my Mum started her off on her scootering journey with a mini micro deluxe as a Christmas present.  Over time, she’s got taller (much taller) and more confident in her adventures.  We realised it was time to get the next size up and Gracie was also adamant that she now wanted a scooter with two wheels as she’s ‘grown-up now.’

So I’ve teamed up with Micro Scooters to share with you the adventures that Gracie has been having with her new Sprite special edition scooter and all the fab features it has.

I love the fact it’s lightweight, so it’s easy for Gracie to pick up and carry if need be.  One of the other features that I love the most is that it’s foldable!  I can’t tell you how many times we’ve got to the park and ended up having to carry her scooter and push the pram around.  The Micro Sprite has an easy folding action,  so I’m actually able to pop under Noah’s pram or even hook on the handlebars of the pram if Gracie decides she’s had enough of scootering.

Micro Scooter Folding

It also has a handy kickstand, so it can be propped up once we get to the park and she wants to play on something else.

Gracie’s previous scooter, the mini micro deluxe lasted her for years and is still in good condition, I’m actually saving it for Noah!  The Micro sprite is from 5 years plus to adult, considering how sturdy it is, it’s incredible value.

Do your kids love to scooter? Check out the full range of Micro Scooters here.

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Please note this Scooter was gifted but all opinions are of my own.