Food Allergy and Intolerance Friendly Party Food Ideas

I was talking to the lovely Kara of Little Foodie Guide the other day and mentioned that it’s Gracie’s 3rd birthday coming up and that I’m looking for party food ideas so the majority if not all of the food she will be able to eat.

Kara has kindly provided me with some awesome ideas to share with the HGG community – amazing!!

Kara says as little Gracie’s birthday is coming up, I wanted to compile a list of allergy friendly party food to share with all of her lovely allergy parent followers. We don’t have any food allergies in our family, but this is the food I have made for my son’s birthdays in the past. I’ve also had the honour of being asked to cater for several friends’ birthday parties. These days our kids know at least one child with a food allergy, so to take the stress out of your next party, I hope you’ll find this list useful. All of the party food here is healthy, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, peanut free (plus tree nut free options), and refined sugar free. Just as important – it’s all easy to prepare, fun, and colourful!

Berry and yoghurt ‘sundaes’

Something Sweet

  • Rainbow fruit platter – on a large platter, create a colourful rainbow out of sliced fruit.
  • Berry and yoghurt ‘sundaes’ – layer berries and coconut yoghurt in little clear cups or glasses. Sprinkle some gluten and nut free granola on top.
  • Fruit skewers – put chopped fruit onto icypole sticks (or skewers for older kids). A little dipping coconut yoghurt, or tahini, or melted raw chocolate would be fun.
  • Sliced fruit with nut or seed butter. Banana slices topped with almond butter, or apples with tahini.
  • Bliss balls – there is an abundance of recipes out there, or start experimenting yourself with seeds, coconut, cacao, dates, dried apricots, chia seeds, coconut oil, cinnamon, sweet potato, and any other allergy friendly ingredients you have.


  • Mini smoothies – blend some dairy free milk, fruit, and vanilla extract. Pour into cute cups or bottles with colourful straws.
  • Water is all kids need but infused water is lovely special party drink. Fill a jug with water (still or sparkling) and add in fresh lemon slices, mint, cucumber, and strawberries.

Bliss balls

Savoury finger food

  • Meatballs and dipping sauce – mix some beef mince with grated carrot and zucchini, roll into balls and pan fry. They can be served warm or cold with a lovely homemade tomato sauce.
  • Antipasto platter – most kids love a platter with all kinds of interesting bits and pieces that they can choose for themselves. Cold meat like roasted chicken or ham off the bone, roasted veggies, olives, artichokes, sundried tomatoes (check ingredients for allergens for all of these unless you cook everything, or make your own marinade yourself).
  • Sushi or rice paper rolls – both are simple to make once you master the art of rolling.
  • Dips and veggie sticks – make your own hummus or other dairy free dip, or use cashew cheese, in individual cups with carrot and cucumber sticks.
  • Salmon and sweet potato patties – put some lovely fresh salmon, cooked sweet potato, and coriander or chives into a food processor and blitz until combined. Form into balls and cook in a pan or oven.
  • Kale chips – pull the leaves off a bunch and coat in olive oil, add a little sea salt and pepper. Bake in the oven until crispy.
  • Roasted veggie chips – finely slice some sweet potato, pumpkin, and beetroot. Coat with olive oil or coconut oil, and bake in the oven until crispy.


Dips and veggie sticks

Serving tips

Make it fun: Use individual pots or mini buckets the kids can take home with them, use cookie cutters to cut out fruit, use icy-pole sticks, and paper patty cases.

Think of the environment: There’s no need to use a whole lot of disposable plastic just for a couple of hours of fun. There are plenty of eco-friendly options available like bamboo or paper that you can recycle. Kids can eat off regular plates too, or just keep it all finger food so they can pick and then go and play. Mess is inevitable!

Don’t overcomplicate it: Kids are happy to eat almost anything particularly when they’re with other kids, and there’s lots of chaos and giggles. Relax, enjoy, and cherish this special day – your child is one year older.


Kara is a mum on a mission to help kids eat a range of colourful and nutritious foods. As a professional nanny, she gained a wealth of experience cooking for the tiny picky eaters and the mini food lovers alike. She created her blog, Little Foodie Guide, as a hub for parents and experts to share real food recipes, tips, stories, and support. She is dedicating this month to kids with food allergies and intolerances, and June will be all about party food, so check back for some more ideas and recipes.





On a side note I also wanted to share that I’ve created a Facebook Support and Chat group  for parents who are going through similar issues and it would be great to connect with you all over there.







Food Allergy Safe Party Food

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