One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Do you ever feel that you’re making progress and then something hits you out of the blue and you feel like you’re actually going backwards?!  This is how I’ve felt the past few weeks with Miss Gracie’s niggly issues.

Shortly after I published how I cleared Gracie’s Eczema I started to notice to my horror mild eczema developing on the back of her legs and went into full mother panic mode!! I think I jinxed myself writing this piece!

Since completely clearing her eczema nearly a year ago she’s never had a flare up and whereas before there was a more obvious connection to why, this time around I’m totally baffled.

We were just in the process of starting to reintroduce some foods (I can’t see a connection with these foods yet) so that has now gone on the back burner.  I’ve now stopped giving her Mutaflor (specific probiotic to help chronic constipation) for a couple of weeks to see if that makes a difference, but again so far it seems to be getting worse not better so I’m thinking of just reintroducing this again!

To make everything else compounded we have just gone to get a second opinion with a Paediatric Gastro for her chronic constipation issues that just aren’t getting any better.  The Gastro felt her stomach and said that she was ‘very’ full of poo and that we would need to clear her out.  She will also need to be on laxatives throughout the entire summer (we’re currently in winter in Australia).

When discussing how it all started his attitude towards Grace having a sensitivity to dairy was as I imagined it to be – disregard!  As her allergy testing came back negative, in his mind he thinks there isn’t an issue and that it’s a coincidence and to do with introducing solids.  I knew this would  be the mindset of a doctor in the mainstream and this is why I normally choose to see only doctors in the integrative/functional space, but sometimes you get to the point where you can see things aren’t improving and you need to exhaust every avenue to get back on the right track.

I did explain that our issues initially started when we transitioned to cows milk and that within hours of consumption she would break out in hives, eczema and then the chronic constipation started.  Was I just imagining this?  Was there another reason?  Either way poor Gracie is literally full of poo and it needed to be cleared, so I have spent nearly the whole week of last week clearing her out. What should have taken one day, had taken three days and this mamma is strained and stressed.

So now we are going to wait for her next check-up with her Gastro and see how her eczema is then and look to book in to see an Integrative Dr to work alongside her current treatment plan  to try and get to the bottom of her current eczema flare up.

So that’s where we are currently at, checking, waiting, hoping and writing food diaries!!

If you child is going through similar, come and connect over on my chat and support group.



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