Noah’s Food Journey so far

Baby Bellies Organic snacks

I’ve touched on it before, but I’m afraid to admit that Gracie is a seriously fussy eater.  Due to the journey we have been through with her gut health issues and food intolerances, it meant that we had to restrict certain foods for a couple of years and I’m convinced that this has played a huge factor in how hesitant she can be.  I was also too nervous to go down the Baby Led weaning avenue the first time around.

I had in my mind that when Noah was ready for solids that I would do things slightly differently and that I wanted to try and take a more Baby Led weaning approach to his eating.  He’s now ten months old and apart from when he’s teething (he has had periods of time when he isn’t as keen to eat food) he is actually a really good eater and is pretty adventurous.  I’m planning on keeping it this way and I’m hoping over time that he will actually encourage Gracie to be open to eating new foods.

I’m no expert, just a Mum doing her thing but this is what I’ve found has worked successfully for me so far with Noah and introducing solids.

My tips:

– Every time I feed Noah I sit and eat with him.  Not only does this mean this Mamma gets some time to eat, it also helps encourage him to eat.

– If it’s food that needs to be given on a spoon, I try not to spoon feed him, I pass him the spoon to feed himself. He now doesn’t like me helping and will happily grab the spoon off me and feed himself.

– With meals that require a spoon, I also try and give him a finger food to eat alongside this meal so he can play, explore and practise his pincer grasp

– I try and give him different textures each meal to keep exposing him to different types of foods

– As the months have progressed on our journey so has the shapes of food I have given him.

– I don’t worry when some meals he eats a lot and some meals he hardly eats much at all.  Even if he doesn’t eat much he’s still being exposed to different foods, playing and learning.

Baby Bellies Organic Snacks

Baby Bellies have a large range of organic snack options from 6 months onwards

I’ve been buying Little Bellies, which are a range of organic baby and toddler snacks since I got a packet in a subscription box a few months ago and Noah absolutely loves them! I’ve been using them to encourage him to play and explore with his food, especially during meals that require a spoon and of course they’re great for baby snack times!   I love that the range is organic and I don’t have to worry about the ingredients, but what I find unique about the products is the sheer variety between the ages. There’s different shapes for different stages of development – so perfect for little fingers, as well as an array of flavours. Another bonus is the fact that they dissolve in the mouth, which has put my mind at ease that he if he was to struggle it’s very unlikely he would choke.

What are your top tips for encouraging your babies to eat solids?

Please note this is a sponsored post, but all opinions are of my own.

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