Keep Calm & Carry On

Keep Calm & Carry On

Last week was finally the week we saw Gracie’s Integrative Paedritician Dr Leila Masson.  We had a big gap between her last appointment as she had to relocate back overseas, but she’s returned to Australia for a few weeks to see patients and to be a speaker at the International MINDD conference for practitioners.

As I mentioned in previous posts, the past several weeks have been tough with Gracie’s chronic constipation getting to the point where it was very hard to manage (and very stressful).  We pinpointed the change in her gut from a bad 24 hour Gastro bug she had which seems to have completely upset her system.

What I love about seeing an Integrative Doctor is the difference in how they look and treat their patients.  Dr Masson examined Gracie feeling her tummy, checking her skin, nails etc and the outcome of these examinations build up a picture and part of her treatment plan.

Because of the current blip and her severe constipation we have had to swap Gracie over to a stronger laxative (not happy!), so the plan is to increase her supplements a bit more and to try and work on weaning her back down on the laxative.

Dr Masson also recommended Gracie have a Faecal Microbial Analysis test (FMA), which is done via a stool sample and looks at the microflora of your intestinal tract – it is different to the standard stool tests you have done at your local GP.  The lab culture, identify and quantify faecal bacteria, including aerobes, anaerobes, and yeasts.  Luckily I had only recently done a FMA test myself for my own health issues and Dr Masson was happy to use my results as a guide in treating Gracie (a child’s gut flora is similar to their mother’s), so we are now sharing a Probiotic called ‘Mutaflor’ for different reasons.  Mutaflor is meant to be a very effective probiotic for treating chronic constipation. However, if  we don’t see any improvement after three months we are to going to get Gracie’s own FMA test done to see if it sheds any further light into what’s going on within her gut.

As we were discussing Gracie, Dr Masson made a really good point that Gracie is most likely picking up on all my nervous tension around her situation and that I basically need to back off a bit (which I find hard to do!).  All the way home I was thinking about it and realise how very uptight I’ve become about this whole situation and that I do need to try and back off as Grace is of the age that she understands and is picking up on everything and I definitely don’t want to do anything that is going to impede her.

When I look back I realise that we have come a super long way in our journey.  We’ve managed to completely clear up her eczema, which has never reappeared and also managed to reintroduce some foods that now don’t seem to be an issue.  Sometimes you get so caught up with the daily things you don’t realise just how far you have come.

So that’s where we are today – I’m hoping the Mutaflor plus all the other things we are doing will help to resolve her issues and I’m going to try and remain more calm about things (hmmm that might be the hardest part!)

If anyone is interested Dr Leila Masson has written a wonderful book called ‘Children’s Health A to Z for New Zealand Parents‘ it’s not just for New Zealand parents,  it’s for any parent who is interested in a natural approach to common ailments.  I have purchased it and its such a handy book! 

On a side note I also wanted to share that I’ve created a Facebook Support and Chat group  for parents who are going through similar issues and it would be great to connect with you all over there.


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