What I’ve packed in my hospital bag

Hospital Bag packing

I actually can’t remember the details of what I packed last-time in my hospital bag, but I’m pretty sure I packed things that I didn’t actually use or that weren’t helpful!  I’m a notoriously bad packer, extremely indecisive and I end up taking way too much.

This time around I don’t want to take so many unnecessary things, I’m also going to deliver in a public hospital so I will need to take a few extra things that I didn’t need last-time.

I’ve compiled a list of the key things I’m taking and the brands that I love to use.  I would love to hear what else you packed in your bag and if you think I’m missing anything.

What I’m taking:

Weleda Nursing Tea

With Gracie I had a lot of issues with my milk supply due to my medical complications and I was never able to establish a decent supply, despite all my efforts.  This time around I’m hoping that I won’t have anywhere near the same issues and want to encourage the supply as much as I can.  I’ve got a few packs ready to go of this beautiful nursing tea and will be taking a packet with me in my bag.

Weleda Nipple Care Cream

This cream is great as you don’t need to wipe off to breastfeed.

Petit Kiddo 

I’ve been using this on Gracie for years, fantastic for sensitive skin and an alternative to wipes if you find them drying on your babies bum.

Toms Maternity Pads 

I’ve stocked up on a whole load of these, they had fantastic reviews and soft and gentle on your private bits!!

Bodywise Birthwise Cord Care antiseptic herbal powder spray

So happy that I’ve recently come across Kristin’s beautiful products.  How cool does this cord spray sound.  It contains antiseptic and healing herbs to help dry, disinfect and protect baby’s cord as it heals!

Bodywise Birthwise Peri-heaven postnatal herbal spray

Never even thought to use one of these last time, I’ve already popped mine in the fridge for afterwards!

Weleda Products

I love my Weleda mothering products!


Bodywise Birthwise Mama’s after pains relief

This is a really interesting product, it’s a tincture that’s meant to help with the after pains after giving birth.  I will be taking this straight after giving birth to help!

Lynne Mckenzie Hall’s number (Lactation consultant)

I recently saw Lynne to talk all things breastfeeding.  I had a terrible breastfeeding journey last-time due to my medical complications so I’m taking Lynne’s number with me incase I need her help during my hospital stay and beyond.

Ecorginal Nappies

We’ve a history of eczema and hives in our family I wanted to be more careful what nappies I used this time around so I’ve done some research and got some Ecoriginal Nappies as they’re free from odour blockers, Dioxins, Phthalates, Lotions, Fragrances.



What else:






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