Free, fun and educational activities to do with children when stuck indoors

Noah Leapfrog

Feeling confused with what to do if the schools close down due to Corona virus? Well you aren’t the only one! At the moment things not just in Australia but throughout the world are feeling a little bit scary and confusing.

As I write this schools in Australia are still open but many parents are choosing to self-isolate and I don’t think it will be much longer until they actually close.

As a potential school shut down looms to slow the spread of the Corona Virus, I wanted to  compile a handy list of free, fun and educational activities of what I’ve seen being shared around and share it with you in one place for your reference!

If you have any other suggestions or ideas what to do during the potential corona virus self-isolation, please leave them below in the comments for everyone else to read or send me a message and I will keep adding to this list.

I’ve also found this handy resource to explain in very simple language to school children about the Corona virus.

Jack Hartmann teaching kids to wash their hands in a fun way!


Kids nature play


Online Resources:

Street Science are conducting virtual sciences classes.  Tomorrow (24/03) the lesson is on germs, including an diy hand sanitiser experiment ! If you haven’t registered simply check out the events tab on their facebook page and register for FREE.

Reading Eggs have a 30 day free trial at the moment.  My daughter absolutely loves Reading Eggs and uses it at school to.  Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, they have great online reading games and activities.

National Geographic Kids:  Learn amazing facts about animal, science, history and geography along with some fun games!

Sholastic:  Sholastic is offering a free learn at home website full of free resources which give kids 20 days of articles, stories and videos.  They also have some fun learning challenges! These can be done by themselves or together with family.

Other Goose is offering 3 weeks free (aimed at 2-7 years old)

ABC Kids have a ‘make’ section with lots of colour and craft printables

Twinkl are offering one month’s free access. Enter the offer code AUSTRCODE for immediate access. Teachers can use this as they plan remote learning for their students. Parents can use this to access high-quality educational materials from home.  For more information held to this blog post.

Fizzics Education: Are providing a shopping list for virtual science classes, if you check this link you will see the link to a 150 free science experiments on the website.  This is also a fab blog that is sharing 63 easy science experiments for kids using household stuff.

Storyline Online:  Offering free children’s literacy resource featuring some very famous storytellers reading books aloud, each video includes an activity guide.

123 Home School 4 me:  Has 300,000+ free printable worksheets from toddlers to teens

Go Noodle: Movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

All Kids Network: Resources for parents, teachers and anyone who works with children. Thousands of fun kids activities like kids crafts, worksheets, colouring pages, printable mazes, dot to dot, hidden pictures and more.

Highlights Kids:  Craft, activities, recipes and games

Switch Zoo: Play games and learn all about animals

Make It & Love It – Teaching kids how to sew, intro to hand sewing

Pobble and Writing Legends:  Writing resources

Spelling City – Vocabulary games

Top Marks:  Practice number facts

Mathletics: Some schools have set tasks for students to complete, log in using your child’s school username and password  Fun computer science tutorials, watch videos about computer science concepts

Duolingo:  Learn a language for free

Sciencefun:  Science Lab Kids Zone. Have fun while learning cool, science trivia facts!

Audible: Has announced free audio-stories for kids

Edinburgh Zoo – ‘Visit’ the animals at the Zoo

Play Osmo:  Osmo have decided to make Osmo Kaleidoscope – a free app to download for a limited time (until March 31st). This is a great new resource for mums and dads to keep the kids engaged while learning at home, enabling hands-on kinesthetic and collaborative learning with tangible objects such as classroom materials and personal playthings. P.S from tomorrow (21/03/2020) Osmo will be taking a huge 20% off a huge range of kits and add-ons for a limited time only! A great time to try out a new add-on or purchase your first kit!


Nature play games

YouTube/NetFlix Channels:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:  I think we could all do with a bit of mindfulness at the moment!  Cosmic Kids Yoga is fantastic, lots of themed yoga adventures (our favourite is the Frozen one!)

Art for Kids Hub:  I’ve recently come across this cool YouTube channel.  Art For Kids Hub shares fun art lessons, watch and draw together – endless hours of fun to be had!

JoJo Siwa:  Is your daughter a fan? JoJo is doing live dance parties, great way for kids to get some exercise in as well as supporting their mental health during this time.

Homeschool Hideout has a list of 150+ educational shows on Netflix

Jolly phonics videos

Jack Hartman: Teach your children to count to 100 as they get some great exercise too.


Nature Play:

  • Collect some rocks and paint them
  • Collect sticks and stick them in play dough
  • Nature collage, go for a walk near home and collect leaves and sticks and stick them to paper and card to make a collage
  • Play detective – go for a walk or in your garden and look for bugs
  • Collect leaves and sticks and make a ‘camp fire’
  • Help with gardening and tidying up the garden
  • Rubbings, give children a piece of paper and some pencils or crayons and take rubbings of different textures
  • Grow some seeds
  • Nature play scavenger hunt
  • Press flowers
  • Make a nature bracelet
  • Bird watch

Other things to do:

  • Get some chalk and draw on stones, pavers and walls (hose off when done)
  • Ball and hoop games
  • Hide and seek
  • Obstacle course with random household objects
  • Indoor or outdoor treasure hunt
  • Build a fort using the dining table sheets and blankets
  • Card games, snap is our favourite
  • Musical chairs (can be played indoors or out!)
  • Have a dance party
  • Get your bake on, my favourites for fun and healthy recipes include: Healthy Little Foodies, Live Love Nourish, Goodie Goodie Lunchbox 
  • Make your own play dough
  • Make handprint art
  • Create a treasure hunt with a map & clues


Not free but love!

Some things that aren’t free but that I think are really cool and worth the investment during this time! And you will be supporting a small business!!

Anna aka The not so perfect mum makes the most wonderful sensory play activity kits, but get in quick as they sell out quickly!

Bio Dough makes the most wonderful scented, sensory dough.  The have kindly given me a discount code for March, use code: PAC20 to receive 20% off.

Poppy & Daisy Nature Kit

Poppy & Daisy Nature Kit

Poppy & Daisy do beautiful eco nature kits, from memory kits to a flower press kits there is hours of fun to be had! Sign-up to the newsletter and receive 15% off.

Do you have any resources that you would recommend? What things do you think your children would enjoy doing?

Stay safe everyone 🙂







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