Biome Eco Stores – Tracey Bailey Interview

You may have seen me mention Biome Eco Stores before over on my social media channels, the wonderful eco-friendly store with heart.

I recently connected with Tracey Bailey the founder of Biome Eco Stores to find out more about herself and her wonderful store.

How did Biome come about?

Various factors influenced the launch of Biome from my simple upbringing in a small mining town in north Queensland, to my passion and consideration for animals and the environment. Growing up, I spent most of my time outdoors, camping, riding my bike and bush walking with my family. I became a vegetarian as a teenager and then later pursued a career in corporate communications working nationally and abroad with multinational companies. It was during this time I began questioning businesses ethical and sustainable responsibilities, and started to become more sceptical of consumer product marketing.

In 1996, I ventured deep in the Tanjung Puting National Park on Kalimantan, Indonesia, where I experienced a personal encounter with orangutans. This fuelled my passion to do more, and in 2003 I launched Biome, Australia’s first online eco store selling a carefully curated selection of environmentally and socially responsible products.

The purpose of Biome is to be part of the solution to the world’s environmental problems.  I want people to feel empowered about their actions and contributions to the planet no matter how big or small.

What’s your process for choosing what products you choose to stock?

Every brand and product sold at Biome is rigorously assessed to ensure it meets our strict standards before it is offered to our customers. I want our customers to shop with us knowing they are selecting from a range that performs well without sacrificing their health or impacting the planet. Each supplier is verified for truth in labelling, safe ingredients and zero harm to people and animals. This gives our customers peace of mind when shopping at Biome.

Our suppliers meet stringent requirements and are screened for:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Local / Australian made
  • BPA-free Plastic products
  • Palm Oil free
  • Sustainable practises
  • Fair trade
  • Cruelty-free
  • Vegan
  • Cradle to Cradle (End of life) programs
  • Recyclable components or packaging
  • Compostable components or packaging
  • Verified for all claims

You received an International B Corporation Certificate, can you tell us what that is?

B Corporation® certification recognises purpose-driven businesses that run with the highest level of transparency and accountability, and are committed to improving social and environmental conditions for all. B Corporations have one shared vision – to create a global movement using the power of business to drive positive change. They are driven by the value they add to the wider community, not profits, and operate at a higher social and environmental level, considering business impacts and being responsible for them.

Since launching 14 years ago, we have strived to build a sustainable and transparent business that supports employees, suppliers, community and the environment. We spend countless hours questioning other businesses and suppliers about their environmentally and socially responsible practices and values, and I wanted to show our customers we operate by the same principles we set.  I’m proud Biome has passed the rigorous assessment and joins the ranks of world changing brands that work towards creating a global movement using the power of business to drive positive change.

What are your top 3 favourite product picks?

KeepCup – my favourite product pick is my reusable coffee cup. I purchase an average of 1.5 cups of takeaway coffee every day of the year, which means I save over 500 single use disposable coffee cups annually. We recently calculated the waste the Biome community has save over 12 months. By simply using their reusable coffee cups, our community has saved over 2 million single use disposable coffee cups. It’s a simple change that prevents lots of waste. Click here to view the range of KeepCups

DIY skin care ingredients – Making your own natural skin care ingredients is best way to know exactly what you are putting on your skin. We have sourced the highest quality naturally occurring ingredients including activated charcoal, pink clay, bentonite clay and coconut oil. I love whipping up my own range of natural beauty products including toothpaste, deodorant and lip balm. It’s easy, fun and you can tailor the ingredients to suit your personal preference. Click here to view the range of DIY skin care ingredients

Konjac Sponge – Konjac Sponges offer a gentle zero waste way to cleanse your face without the use of additional products. Made from konjac root vegetable, this product is beautiful to use and can be composted at the end of its life. I have used this product for many years and absolutely love it.  Click here to view the range of Konjac Sponges

What inspires you?

I’m constantly inspired by the opportunity to make a positive change in the world, the Biome team, and Biome’s community of conscious consumers. I recently calculated and published Biome’s 12-month purchase and usage figures of reusable water bottles, coffee cups, straws, shopping bags and produce bags.  I uncovered in the last 12 months the Biome community saved over 6.7 million single use plastic items from production and waste. This has not only saved precious non-renewable resources and reduced landfill waste, but has helped our customers understand the true impact of their individual daily actions. I have always believed individual actions have the collective power to create significant change.

What exciting things are you working on at the moment?

As an environmentally friendly store with a strong zero-waste focus, I want Biome customers to be able to reduce their environmental impact as much as possible by offering recycling options they can’t access elsewhere. Currently there is a problem that most skin care, cosmetics and toothpaste plastic containers cannot be recycled through household Council recycling bins. I have just launched a complimentary in store ‘end of life’ recycling program to accept all used product packaging and beauty and cleaning containers, which I will then send to be responsibly recycled through the TerraCycle program.  This program will help to maintain and improve Biome’s and its customer’s environmental impact.

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