Our Story


Grace is my beautiful daughter and my inspiration for this blog.

Diagnosed with food intolerances and leaky gut syndrome, Grace has suffered from chronic constipation and eczema for the majority of her life.

As a first-time, overwhelmed mother,  I spent a long time going to various doctors, being fobbed off and given conflicting information that never made an actual difference to her issues.

The turning point for Grace (and us!) was having her tested for food intolerances as well as locating an amazing Integrative Paediatrician.

Changing Grace’s diet and eliminating certain foods has changed our lives dramatically.  Grace’s gut is slowly healing, her eczema has virtually cleared and she’s a much brighter, happier child.

I truly understand how confusing, overwhelming and downright consuming it can be when your child has special dietary requirements, especially at the ‘picky’ toddler phase.

This blog is my outlet to share our journey with lifestyle tips and recipes along the way.

Follow our journey to Heal Gracie’s Gut.



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