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This year my husband and I are trying get back on track financially.  Last year we had a few hiccups so 2017 for us is getting back on our feet and trying to work towards setting some kind of budget to work with.  We’re a single income family which has taken some adjustment, especially for myself the past couple of years.


Daddy bought his girls some flowers

Looking through all our bills it’s pretty clear that one of our largest spends is on food (as well as supplements – don’t get me started on those costs!).  We tend to shop at various places to get different things and it all adds up, $50 here and $100 there…you end up losing track of what you’ve spent until you get a huge credit card bill at the end of the month.

Flemington Markets

Flemington Markets

As Grace and I have different but similar special dietary requirements at the moment, the main thing that we all eat A LOT of is vegetables and fruit, like ridiculous amounts!

So a couple of nights ago my husband said that he would get up early regardless of how many times Grace woke up throughout the night and leave around 5am on Saturday morning to go and shop at Flemington Markets! Well Grace must have a sixth sense as she woke up three times during the night and only wanted Daddy!!

So my tired husband arrived home a couple of hours later, high on caffeine buzzing about all the amazing produce he had bought for $146!! It took a good couple of hours to sort through and put away in the fridge and pantry, but we didn’t mind.  I’m 100% certain if we had bought all this at the shops it would have cost double the price.

Was it worth it?  Totally!  Yes it took more time and my husband had to get up extremely early but the savings were incredible and justified. Eating healthily and continuing to be able to do so is a priority of our family, so we will definitely be making this a regular occurrence.

Would love to hear if anyone else regularly shops at their local Markets, do you make large savings?  Is the produce better quality?

For more information on Flemington Markets, click here.





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